Law and Motion Calendar Dates - Online

The Court apologizes for any inconvenience; this service is currently unavailable. The Court is currently implementing a new case management system, called Odyssey, for all civil, probate, family law, child support, mental health and juvenile case types. This change will move the Court from a paper-based system to a modern electronic program, which will provide internal efficiencies and improved public access to court services. During this transition it is necessary to suspend some on-line services as we work through the Odyssey implementation. Thank you for your patience.

As a temporary solution to scheduling probate hearings we ask that you call a messaging line at (831) 647-5883. This recorded message will be updated as each probate calendar is booked to capacity and provide the next available dates for scheduling your matter.
Thank you.
  Blue indicates Probate openings
  Orange indicates Civil openings
  Red indicates no available openings
  Black indicates a court holiday